What We Do


At Pfeiffer Winery we are deeply invested in our community and believe in being good neighbors and good friends.

The Pfeiffer's have been avid supporters and members of the Long Tom Grange and one of the founders of Oregon’s most successful Daffodil Festival. Robin and Danuta Pfeiffer have been members of the Junction City Lions and Soroptimists Clubs and Energizing Junction City, a non-profit organization to help, well, energize the community. Danuta served on the state board of the Oregon Travel Experience, managing the state’s rest stops and signages, and she founded the state’s first rural tourism organization. Robin served on the Nomination Committee for the Oregon Wine Board and they are involved in the Oregon wine industry as members of the South Willamette Winery Association, the Prairie Mountain Wineries Association and the Oregon Wine Board. Robin also serves as Vice Chair on the local advisory committee for the Upper Willamette Agricultural Water Quality Management Area.
For decades, Robin has been an advocate and mentor to the agricultural staff that works the vineyard.

And, they successfully launched the country’s first nude spoof calendar, The Men of the Long Tom Grange Calendar, and raised over $650,000 for the local school district with Robin proudly pictured as Mr. March!


We do not manipulate nature, we allow it—opening our fences and gates during the dormant      season, allowing elk, coyotes, deer, foxes, skunks and other wildlife to help fertilize our soil.

Pfeiffer was the first winery in the South Willamette Valley to go solar with the installation of      solar panels that energizes the entire estate.

We are committed to the environment and received the 1982 Lane County Tree Farm of the Year award, and have pledged to eliminate our use of disposable plastic products.

Our vineyard is sustainable with the use of elemental substances, composting the vineyard rows and encouraging healthy ground cover.