Meet the Team

of Pfeiffer Winery

Robin Pfeiffer

Owner & Winemaker

Robin grew up on the land that is now Pfeiffer Vineyards & Winery. His family raised sheep and chickens for 30 years and lived in a small Quonset house where the winery parking lot is now. He acquired 2 Master Degrees, in Foreign Language Studies and Counseling. 
He lived in Peru, Mexico and Chile and taught at the University of San Marcos in Lima.  He was also a Spanish teacher for 33 years. Robin is one of the early pioneers in the state wine industry having planted his 70-acre vineyard on the south facing slope of the property in 1984. He also planted a sustainable, award-winning forest on the north-facing slope.

Danuta Pfeiffer

Owner & Winemaker

Danuta was a ski instructor, swim instructor, scuba diver, sky diver, and a long distance bicycle rider. Her first book, Watersafe Your Baby in One Week, was the first definitive book on teaching water survival to infants. Graduating from the University of Colorado, and through various high-profile TV and
radio jobs in San Diego, she became the co-host on the international television show, The 700 Club with Pat Robertson. Disillusioned, she retreated to her progressive roots, wrote an award-winning book, Chiseled, and now makes wine, loves and laughs with Robin, the love of her life.

Robin & Danuta

Our Story

​Robin and Danuta met through a newspaper ad in 1994.  Danuta wrote that she was looking for someone who could spell and Robin filled the bill as Scrabble champion of the family.  Twelve days after they met, they fell in love and decided to marry. During the next 23 years, they built their environmental home, established a winery, a tasting room, a Water Garden, a Grand Fireplace Pavilion and an internationally recognized Pfeiffer brand of fine wines. They dance whenever they can, drink Pinot Noir daily for their health, and live joyful lives with their two yellow labs, family, grandchildren and good friends. Robin and Danuta built the first solar-powered winery and tasting room in the South Willamette Valley, and his continuing vision for environmentalism and forestry has become a role model for sustainable agriculture.

Justis Sitowski

Cellar Master

I grew up locally in Springfield and after high school spent 5 years as a marine. I have a varied past of fast food, retail, pharmacy, pipe bending, cereal production and even a brief stint as a meat cutter. 
Wine never seemed to show on my radar until 2014 when at 40 years old I discovered 2 new loves. Vanessa, the then tasting-room manager, and wine. 3 years later I’m married to both.

Vanessa Sitowski

General Manager

I was born and raised in Hawaii until I was ten years old. I also lived in Alaska for about eight years. I am the youngest sibling of six, and am a twin! I have one beautiful daughter, three amazing step-children, and two loveable Chihuahua-mix fur babies, Romeo and Juliette.  
I started at Pfeiffer Winery in 2013 as a tasting room associate (didn't know much about wine, except that I enjoyed drinking it!). I love every second that I get to enjoy this special place on earth, and I am now the General Manager and Wine Club Manager.   

Justis & Vanessa

Our Story

Justis and Vanessa met at the winery.  Pfeiffer Winery was establishing their Facebook page and started a contest - for the 500th like to our page, the winner would receive a free glass of wine! Our Events Manager was absent the day we received our 500th like, who just happened to be Justis Sitowski.  As Vanessa was looking at his profile to reach out to him to let him know he was our winner, she thought he was kinda cute...Not being much of a wine drinker (had never been tasting), he grudgingly agreed to come out with a friend. ​The rest is history.  

In May of 2016, Robin and Danuta did the honors of marrying these two in the beautiful Water Garden.  

Paul Rylko

Landscape Artist

Paul is Danuta's son.  Paul has put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making Pfeiffer Winery's Water Garden as beautiful as it can be! 

Next time you visit, if you see Paul out there watering the hundreds of plants and trees, be sure to say "hi!

Paul loves to go on outdoor adventures with his new wife, Isabel, and the Pfeiffer Winery pups, Paco & Bumper.  He even joins them occasionally for a dip in the pond!

Isabel Rylko

Social Media

I was born in Mexico, and I am bilingual. Some of my passions are culinary arts, interior design and photography.

I am in love with the beauty in nature, harmony and peace. 

I love working in the vineyard and look forward to every harvest. I am eager for new adventures, hiking, kayaking, camping and watersports. I am married to Paul Rylko, Danuta and Robin Pfeiffers son.

Paul & Isabel

Our Story

In August of 2015, Paul and Isabel took a road trip to the coast as friends. Since that day, they have never been apart. Paul and Isabel met at the winery, and soon learned that their shared passion for the outdoors was very strong. As often as we can, we spend our time living the outdoor adventure... They love kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, skiing, and discovering new places together.

In October of 2016, Paul and Isabel were married here at the winery, by Robin & Danuta.  (I swear there is something in the water here...). Today, we are very proud to be part of the crew -- in the vineyard and the winery!

Bill Kremer


I have been working in the Oregon wine industry since 1995, and have known Robin and Danuta since then.  I started working as consulting winemaker with them in 2008.  I have a masters degree in enology from UC Davis, and a masters degree in clinical microbiology from the University of Washington.
Born in South Dakota, I worked as a Medical Technologist after undergraduate college, but was drawn to live on the west coast in the early 80's.  My role at Pfeiffer Winery is to guide the wines through the process from grapes to bottling, and guide the Pfeiffers through the process too!

Brianne Ricketts

Assistant Manager and

Events Manager

​A native Oregonian, I was born and raised in Eugene. While spending some time abroad in Spain, I was inspired by local vintners to pursue my dream of working in the wine industry. 
Since returning to the States, I have begun working toward a degree in viticulture and enology. I am very excited to be here at Pfeiffer. See you soon! 

Roger Watson

Tasting Room Specialist

Being a California transplant I love everything Oregon, especially the Pinot Noir! When not in the Tasting Room, I love hiking, enjoying all types of music, playing pinochle, meditating, having conversations with intelligent people and being a science nerd.
I like to read about quantum physics and Eastern mystical traditions. Most of all, I like to have FUN!!!

Jared Painter

Tasting Room Specialist

Born in Eugene, Oregon, Jared has always considered the Pacific Northwest home- despite having moved a lot! He married his wife, Cassandra, in 2014. Now home is wherever she and their fur baby Cosmo (an Aussie mix) are. 
An avid outdoors-man with a love and respect for nature and animals, Jared enjoys fishing,
camping, hunting, and hiking. Jared reads a lot of books and was recently accepted into The Southern Oregon Wine Institute's Enology Program! 
Jared joined the team at Pfeiffer in March of 2019. He has enjoyed every moment so far and is looking forward to all the moments to come!

Jaci Brillon

Tasting Room Specialist

Jaci was born in upstate New York. She called Vermont home for over 21 years. She married her husband Shawn in 1997. They were foster adoptive parents for over 13 years. She became a proud “Nonna” to her granddaughter Anika 6 years ago. Jaci has over 25 years experience in business management, and is also a professional photographer.
In 2015 she started her journey west and landed in Columbia Falls, Montana. In April of 2017 she moved to Junction City, Oregon with her husband and three fur babies. She enjoys her free time reading, cooking, gardening, being outside in nature(kayaking, hiking, and taking pictures,) and loves traveling back east to spend time with family. 
Jaci joined Pfeiffer Winery in March of 2019. (We hired her on her birthday!) Please come say "Hi!"

Ashley Brack

Tasting Room Specialist

We would like to introduce to you Ashley- our tasting room specialist from Texas with a passion for fitness, educating and people. Ashley’s love of wine began when she was 21 and went on an intimate wine cruise up the Napa River. Some of her favorite wines are Pinot Gris, Sangiovese, Barbera and of course Oregon Pinot Noir.
Ashley is surrounded by her three handsome boys where there are plenty of adventures or shenanigans. There is a never-ending amount of jokes, pranks, and laughter.

When she’s not at the winery, she’s exploring the outdoors, enjoying the water or trying out a new recipe. She specializes in foodie meal prep which combines appetizing food designed to meet your health goals. The next time you come to visit us make sure you say hello to Ashley!
​A native Oregonian, I was born and raised in Eugene. While spending some time abroad in Spain, I was inspired by local vintners to pursue my dream of working in the wine industry. 
Since returning to the States, I have begun working toward a degree in viticulture and enology. I am very excited to be here at Pfeiffer. See you soon! 

Paco & Bumper

Pfeiffer Winery Pups

Bumper: AKA The Bump (right)
Favorite Toy: Old vines to chew on.
Pet Peeves: The ding of the dishwashing cycle and the thunder of passing airplanes. 
Naughtiest Deed: Opening the sliding glass door to the winery's pavilion to check out the dining tables.
Paco: AKA Fat Face (left)
Obsession: Being close to Danuta
Naughtiest Deed: Sneaking out with the vineyard workers' lunch bags...
Favorite Food: Ham bones warmed in the microwave
Pet Peeve: Being left out of anything