Futures Program

Futures Program

The Pfeiffer Futures Program is an exclusive offer to our special wine enthusiasts who love our earthy, fruity, elegant and delicate pinot noirs, and want to own a case at a special rate and years before public release.

Taste the latest vintage as it matures directly out of the barrel and purchase a case ahead of bottling at a discount. (Futures cases are extremely limited and their purchase must be made before bottling.)

As a Futures' patron, you not only obtain a case of our Barrel Select vintage before release to the public, but you may taste the wine in the barrel as it matures during any of your regular visits to the winery.  In addition, you will receive a certificate of ownership signed by Robin & Danuta Pfeiffer designating you as a Futures owner.  As a special bonus, your Futures case is delivered to you during a complimentary festive Christmas Reception at the Pfeiffer Villa, and for our out-of-town friends, shipped to your home. 

Futures Timeline

Mid-September / Early October: 
Pinot Noir grapes are harvested

October / November:
Grapes crushed, fermented and barreled 

We taste the wine of each barrel and "select" those that we agree are a "10." (Some years we have one barrel, other times up to three barrels.  One year, we had none.)

Interested members of the public begin tasting "select Futures wine." Purchase may occur at this time.  Case sales only.  Wine is paid for in full.  Clients fill out appropriate paperwork.

March - November:
Sales of Futures closes when limited supply is exhausted.  Those who purchase Futures have the opportunity to taste and follow their "baby" during its maturing time in the barrel.

Futures wine is bottled.

The Futures is delivered! Futures Pick-Up Party in the Pfeiffer Villa.  Take your wine home!